Conscious Consumption: January Consumption Report

And just like that, the first month of the year is done! Where did time go? It was back to normal work schedules for both Cody and I, which was a rather hard transition at times. Consumption stayed about the same as the last several months. Clearly that’s the norm for me!


Sex & relationships - 7
Business & creativity - 13
Finance - 3
Health & nutrition - 10
Personal Development - 12
History - 3
Interviews, random & misc. - 20
* Bonus: New Years-related - 24


I noticed early on in the month that I was naturally adding a lot of spiritual podcasts to my queue. It definitely wasn't conscious, but I decided to run with it! There was a lot of great material that I got to read since I was stretching my usual boundaries a bit.

Later in the month, I was less interested in personal development and learning, and more interested in straight up interviews. I also found myself pushing harder to listen to guests that I wasn't immediately interested in. The two podcasts that I experienced this the most with were Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and Real Talk Radio. I made an effort to listen to every podcast, in order, not just the ones with guests that I had heard of or that sounded interesting. This resulted in me finding lots of new people that I wanted to follow, or just had a better appreciation of. Doing this also helped me learn about topics I might not have otherwise learned about.

One thing I really struggled with this month was the fact that I just wanted to listen to Armchair Expert and nothing else. The show is interesting and funny and I really enjoy each episode I listen to. After each episode, though, I kept feeling like I should be making a bigger effort to listen to other shows, too. So I tried mixing it up a bit, but I found myself bored with the other shows and wanting to go back to Armchair Expert. At some point, I realized what I was doing. Who cares if I listen to the same show a million times in a row? Maybe I'll binge every episode of Armchair Expert before moving on to other shows. WHO CARES? And so I scheduled about a dozen episodes of Armchair Expert in a row and all was well.

Stand Out Podcasts this Month:

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard (10 episodes)

  • Kristen Bell. This episode was seriously lovely. Besides the fact that I love how real and honest Dax and Kristen are about their relationship, this episode really gave me a greater insight into Kristen's thoughts and beliefs. She kept coming back to happiness versus suffering and I love how simplistic but perfect that viewpoint is.

Being Boss (4 episodes)

  • #208 - Word of the Year + Having More Fun. This was SUCH a motivational episode. I loved hearing about Emily's paper planners and Kathleen's foray into hiring a financial planner. This episode made me want to refine my systems a bit more, and also commit to having an intention every month, which is something I've wanted to do in past years, but have told myself it's too much.

Raise Your Hand Say Yes (3 episodes)

  • Ep. 224: How to Set Big Goals *and* Chill Out all at the Same Time. This episode spoke to me! Goals should be unrealistic for right now, but the smaller, actionable pieces should be attainable right now. So good!

Other shows I listened to:

  • Real Talk Radio (8 episodes)

  • Wandering Aimfully (4 episodes)

  • Your Kick Ass Life Podcast (2 episodes)

  • Terri Cole's Hello Freedom Podcast (2 episodes)

  • Highest Self Podcast (2 episodes)

  • Grace & Grit Podcast (2 episodes)

  • The Kate & Mike Show (2 episodes)

  • Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! (2 episodes)

  • Let it Out with Katie Dalebout (2 episodes)

  • Safe For Work (1 episode)

  • Goal Digger Podcast (1 episode)

  • Wellness Realness (1 episode)

  • Manifest This! (1 episode)

  • Truth Telling with Elizabeth DiAlto (1 episode)

  • All Up in Your Lady Business (1 episode)

  • RISE Together (1 episode)

  • Journey to Launch (1 episode)

  • Foreplay Radio (1 episode)

  • The Wellness Mama Podcast (1 episode)

  • Strategy Hour (1 episode)

  • Whiskey & Work (1 episode)

  • Her Rules Radio (1 episode)

  • Financial Grownup (1 episode)

  • Creative Biz Rebellion (1 episode)

  • Authentic Sex Podcast (1 episode)

  • Optimal Health Daily (1 episode)

  • Nourishing Women Podcast (1 episode)

  • Spiritualish (1 episode)

  • Work Your Wealth (1 episode)

  • #StayMarried Podcast (1 episode)

  • The Meadow Devor Podcast (1 episode)

  • Timesuck with Dan Cummins (1 episode)

  • She Explores (1 episode)

  • Committed (1 episode)

TV & Movies

Cody finally finished watching all of Survivor. While I enjoyed watching some of it with him, it’s a relief to be done with that particular binge. Finally I can watch my own shows now....

Two shows that I’ve loved in previous years, You're the Worst and Brooklyn 99, came back for new seasons. I’m looking forward to jumping back into both of those stories.


I don't think I read all month. I've been too tired, now that I'm getting up earlier in the morning to work out. I last all of 2 minutes when I climb into bed each night. I need to find a way to read more, because I do miss it.


I spent a lot of this month playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on my Nintendo Switch. I finally beat it right at the end of the month. What a great game! I resisted playing other Switch games, other than some multiplayer games with Cody, while I was working on this one. I'm excited to move on to play Skyrim now.

On my phone, Cody and I both got sucked into the new Futurama game. Futurama has a soft spot in our hearts because our biggest line of patches revolves around this great tv show. I've also been playing Matchington Mansion, which has that mindless element that I crave sometimes.