I recently went on a date with a guy I'd been talking to via text for about a month. Finally our schedules had aligned and we decided to start with breakfast and then head to the beach for a day of driving and merriment.

I was into him, but I don't think he was very into me. There was no hand holding, no kiss, not even an attempt of a kiss. And then there was no text or call afterward. No good night text. And no good morning text the following day, which we'd gotten into the habit of sending. 

I am bummed. 

That's probably an understatement, but I totally get that it happens. It's not about me. It's not about him. Something just happened and the connection isn't there. 

But I did learn a very important lesson that I hope changes the way I live my life. 

It's okay to be solo. 

He's big into adventuring and exploring. The day before our date, he got into his truck and drove around a quarter of our state just because he could. He drove west until he couldn't anymore, then looped up the coast and back down along he sound until he reached home. Completely solo.

While we talked about the trip on our date, he said to me: "you just have to get out there and go."

He is 100% right. 

This is how I want to be. I want to gas up my truck and just drive all day. I love road trips but why should I wait until I have someone else to go with? If I wait for that forever, I'll never get to see everything I want to see. I just have to get out there and find it myself. 

So even though our date didn't go as well as I'd hoped, I'm glad I got something out of it. I feel a little inspired, a little motivated to do something that's always scared me half to death. There's no reason to be scared. There's no reason I can't see all the things I want to see.

I just have to get out there and do it.