Redefining My Why

In my 29 years, I think I've started at least 10 different blogs. As a teenager, I ran a blog for quite a few years before having my adventures loosely adapted into a book. Later, I discovered graphic design and blogged about it off and on. Next came a joint blog between my mom and I for our ebook design + formatting side hustle. Eventually I broke off of that and had a solo blog again. And here we are.

Maybe it's not quite 10, but it sure feels like it.

Each time I started a new blog, I was in a different place in my life. Finishing up high school, searching for a new career, starting a side hustle, or leaving a side hustle. Each blog marked a new chapter in my life.

So where does this blog come in?

This last year or so has been full of changes. Personally, romantically, professionally, geographically. I grew up a lot, met the love of my life, moved to another state, started a new job, and jumped feet first into a new side hustle. All in less than 365 days.


And lately, I've been itching to start writing again.

But it feels different this time around. Sure, I miss the words, but it's more than that. I miss the authenticity, the honesty, the realism. It's nice to have a place to spill my guts and reflect on all aspects of my life.

Why a blog and not a personal journal? Personal journals have rarely done the trick for me. I like the idea that my blog could grow. That someone could come along and read it and feel a little less alone. You can't do that with a handwritten journal that I keep on my bookshelf. It doesn't seem as daring if I know that I'm the only one reading it.

So what's my goal here?

I have a few things in mind: 
> I want to use this blog as a creative and emotional outlet.
> I want to use this blog as a means to discover and create my own brand.
> I want to improve my writing skills by writing regularly and about varied topics.

So I hope you stay tuned in as things grow and change and shift over here! And more than that, I hope you find something of yourself in these pages and remember that you're not alone.