Every January, I choose a single word to be my focus for the year. It's always something that resonates with me, something important that I want to work on.

My 2017 word was MOVE.

Originally, my intention was to move my body more. I was thinking exercise: yoga, walking, hiking, etc. I imagined being active and losing a bunch of weight. 

This is NOT how my year went.

Don't get me wrong. I moved my body a bit. I did a fair amount of yoga (shout out to Yoga with Adriene!). I took a few walks. I spent a bunch of time outside doing cool things.

But MOVE took on a whole different meaning for me.

I found myself moving my body around the map instead.

The story of how this happened for me is one for another day, but all you need to know is that I learned a very valuable lesson this year: I don't need anyone else with me to travel. I can travel all by myself. I am enough.

In the span of a handful of months, I traveled all around the Pacific Northwest on my own. Hurricane Ridge, Whidbey Island, Long Beach, Columbia River Gorge, Olympic Mountains, Crater Lake, Mount Baker, all up and down the northern Washington coast, the Deschutes River, Hole in the Ground, Fort Rock, and so many more. 

I traveled all over Washington and Oregon BY MYSELF.

Talk about exhilarating. It was freeing. It was absolutely amazing.

I moved all over that damn map, from southeastern Oregon all the way to the tip of Washington state.

To top it all off, I met the most amazing man, fell in love... and moved across the border into Oregon. Definitely my biggest move of all.

Talk about some major MOVEs in my life!

Definitely one of my best years to date.

I can't wait to share what my 2018 word is!