I Haven't Blogged in a Month, or: There are Simply Not Enough Hours in a Day

If I've learned one thing over the last few months, it's that making goals makes you woefully aware of your failure. Now, I don't mean this as an argument to stop  setting goals; on the contrary: I think this acts as a great motivation to stay busy. If you stay busy, you never get bored. If you never get bored, you have the opportunity to always be learning, always be creating, always be innovating.

It's by staying active that the magic happens.

In an effort to prove that it's true, I've kept crazy busy for the last month and a half. Here's what I've been working on since the last time I was here:

I have a lot to learn.
I'm a huge advocate of learning on a continual basis and I really live by this belief. I'm participating in Code Year. Although I'm several weeks behind, I do manage to cram in a few exercises here and there. I take copious notes and practice every time I get a chance. I think the Code Year format is really great - and I love that the lessons aren't time sensitive.

I've also been doing a lot of research, both for myself and for work. Topics vary wildly from screen printing to e-commerce to everything in between, but I absolutely love the process of researching. I love the discovery of information, the organization of all the facts, and finding pleasant surprises while I'm digging through pages and pages of words and numbers.

I've also been studying comics in anticipation of a project collaboration with a very good friend of mine. I nabbed a few books of of Amazon and I've been reading comic books and web comics every chance I get. While my portion of the collaboration would be mostly the artistic aspect, I find the process of writing the comic fascinating.

I got myself a new job!
I don't want to say too much on here yet, but I've been working with a screen printing company for the last few weeks. I'll be working as their Social Media Director - a job title that covers web, social media, marketing, and much more. I'll also be training on the screen printing equipment, which I'm really excited to jump into.

I've been putting together identity concepts and branding ideas. I'll be putting together some print marketing materials soon, as well. I've researched e-commerce solutions in an effort to sell directly from our website. I've been following other apparel companies on Twitter and liking them on Facebook to get an inside glance into the industry. I've sketched out a few t-shirt design ideas, mostly as an effort to take a look at different styles. I've quickly learned that apparel printing is strangely similar, yet drastically different than paper printing. If that makes any sense.

I still have a day job.
Despite that shiny new job, I still have my day job. It's not glamorous by any means, but it pays the bills. I'll be balancing two jobs for a little while longer. Hopefully not too long. :)

There's still the matter of running my business.
I've had several client projects going the last few weeks, nothing really benefitting me monetarily, but several were flat out fun and rewarding. I'm currently working on a wedding invitation for a friend. I just finished up a pinup calendar starring a good friend of mine. I'm actively putting together several different documents for a local Relay For Life team - one that I also participate in, come June. I've also had several smaller things that I've needed to put together for myself.

I made myself a resume!
I've been wanting to make myself a real resume for a while now and I finally got around to it (mostly thanks to that new job I mentioned above). The last time I put together a resume for myself was my senior year of high school, five years ago. Even then, I'd only ever had one job and I didn't actually need the resume to get that job.

To be honest, putting together a real resume was a little stressful. My previous resume had just been a Microsoft Word template printed on white printer paper. I knew that just wouldn't fly as representation of my awesome design skills. Instead, I spent a several hours researching wording, layout, styles, and resumes for other awesome designers. I finally put together something that matched my overall branding and, I feel, represents me well. And, of course, it helped me get my new job.

I have a lot of side projects in the works.
I already mentioned the comic project with my good friend. I've also been flirting with several other ideas, ranging from one end of the spectrum, including video games and cooking (though as completely different projects).

I have no intention of slowing down in the next few weeks. In fact, my day job has gotten a whole lot busier in the last two weeks, Emerald City Comicon is two weeks from Saturday, and I have a ton to do in between everything else. At least I'll stay active - and you should, too!