How I Will be Embracing Autumn This Year

I've always been a summer girl.

Fall has simply never been my favorite season. Sure, some of the decorations are cute, and my fall playlist on Spotify is on point, and I DO really love my sweaters and tall boots. But it's just never been my favorite.

So as summer was quickly fading into fall in the last month or so, I got to thinking about living seasonally.

I love the concept of truly embracing the seasons and really living it up as they change. I want to really welcome the snow in the winter, the falling leaves in the autumn, the growing flowers in the spring, and the bright sunshine in the summer. So I decided to do everything I could to embrace this glorious season!

Welcome to my Guide to Embracing Autumn!

My first step? Making a list of the things that make me think of fall:

  • Eating lots of fall veggies. Warm, freshly baked scones and muffins. Crisp apples. Baking in a warm kitchen. Apple cider. Chicken pot pie. Big bowls of spaghetti with a loaf of fresh, garlic bread. Pumpkin and squash. Pumpkin pie.

  • Cozy mornings with coffee, blankets, and doggo. Condensation on the windows. Autumn leaves falling outside. Rain falling quietly. Fog rolling in off the trees.

  • Tall boots and dark jeans. Thick, cozy sweaters. Flannel. Blood red nails and lipstick. Rain boots and rain jackets. Warm, puffy vests.

  • Halloween. Myth & magic. Spooky. Darkness. Purple, green, orange, and black. Pumpkin carving. Costume making. Laughter and trickery. Bowls full of colorful candy.

  • Trips to the pumpkin patch. Corn mazes. Caramel apples. Apple cider donuts. Tall wheat. Hay bales.

  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends. Decorating my home for the harvest. A table decked out with a feast. Bustling around the kitchen and pulling a huge turkey out of the oven. Cute aprons and laughter.

  • Hibernation, domesticity, warmth, family, slowing down, gratitude, harvest.

  • Warm, earthy smells. Candles and cozy oils. Cinnamon and cloves. Apples and vanilla.

That all creates such a nice mental picture, right?

My next step was to bring my mental image of that lovely, idyllic autumn to life. I do love a good mood board, so I crafted a magical autumn Pinterest board that helps evoke those images. I could spend hours scrolling through this board for sure.

Head over to Pinterest to see my Autumn board!

Once I finished up that Pinterest board, I was pretty sure that I was starting to warm up to fall. The only thing left...was to make a master list of the things I want to actually DO this fall to embrace the season as a whole!

My list is a combination of practical and fun things that will make my fall complete.

  1. Dress for the season. Buy a pair of rubber boots and a pair of fleece leggings. Find a nice vest to wear, and maybe a flannel shirt. Dig out my scarves and see if any should "fall!" It's been a long time since I've owned a good pair of rubber boots and I've NEVER owned a pair of fleece leggings. I want to find some warm, cozy things to wear around the house, at work, or around the town. Layers are great, particularly in the early fall when it can still be very warm out during the day, but cool in the mornings and night.

  2. Clear out summer and welcome a new season. Put away summer clothes (shorts, flip flops, sandals, etc.). Declutter the house. Store summer items like lawn chairs and camping equipment away for the winter. Seasonal clothes can be moved in the guest room to keep everything organized and separate. I want to clean up the garage to get rid of the clutter that has collected over the summer. I'd like to clean out all the vents and change air filters in preparation for the heat to kick on again.

  3. Bake an apple pie. Take to work. Share with friends. Cody doesn't like apple pies, so it'll be shared with either his family or my coworkers.

  4. Make a plan for holiday items / sales in my Etsy shop and begin working on them. Actually make holiday themed items for Halloween and Christmas. I've never planned ahead for the holidays like this, so this is kind of exciting! I want to finally have some seasonal offerings in my shop.

  5. Make an effort to do some fall-themed activities, or attend some fall-themed events. Go to the Halloween Town event in St. Helens. Head to an apple farm for apple cider slushies and donuts. Bring a dish to Thanksgiving dinner at Cody's parents' house.

  6. Decorate my home for fall. I'm picturing fall-scented candles, some nice autumn prints, a few Halloween and harvest / Thanksgiving decorations around the house. Probably from Target. Because, duh. I'd also like to achieve this without spending a bunch of money.

  7. Begin planning for Christmas. Make a list of people to buy gifts for for Christmas. Gather some ideas. Save some money. I'm determined to start early this year, and maybe be able to incorporate more handmade items.

  8. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and scents of the season. Take the dog on a couple walks in the cool autumn air with leaves falling all around us. Stomp on piles of crunchy leaves.

  9. Make some fall-themed things. Make some crafts by hand. Design some art on the computer. It's time to jump on Pinterest again and find some crafts that I can do for the season!

  10. Eat more seasonally. Make some soups, pot pies, casseroles, and other warm food. Work in sweet potatoes and spaghetti squash, two of my favorites. Use lots of apples once they drop in price of the season. Bake cookies with cinnamon, my famous boozy apple pie, and glazed pumpkin scones.

  11. Be more grateful. Be mindful of the things I am thankful for. Write these things down and reflect.

And that's it! I encourage you to also pick some things you want to do or achieve this fall. I'll check back in after the fall to let you know how things have gone!