Finding My Place

It's kinda funny. 

I've always considered myself an outdoorsy person. I've always loved hiking and camping and day trips and road trips. But I rarely actually went. If my friends were up for hiking, maybe we'd go on a short, easy hike in the nearest national forest. My family would take us kids on a camping trip once a year...and it would be more like glamping than anything. Day trips to the lake occasionally happened, but not often. Road trips were even more rare. 

My Pinterest boards are filled with camping pics and tips, beautiful mountain shots, and references to cool places to go. But I've never been to any of them. 

Maybe I liked the IDEA of being outdoorsy because I sure as hell wasn't actually spending that much time outside. 

This year, all this has changed.

I think I was holding myself back for a few reasons: I didn't have anyone to go with and I "had things to do."

It's not even halfway through the year yet and I've already learned what might be the greatest lesson of my life: I don't need to wait for anyone else in order to have adventures. I can be alone. It doesn't mean I'm lonely. It doesn't take away from my adventure. It doesn't make it any less wonderful. 

As soon as this lesson sunk into my thick skull, I started going on road trips. Almost weekly, really. Sometimes I'd pick a direction, choose a random destination, and just drive. 

I've seen some beautiful things. 

Of course, it's okay to have trip companions too. They can be delightful. A couple of my cousins have gone with me. My mom rode shotgun for Mother's Day. My dog makes appearances on my trips often. Hopefully soon another travel companion will be home in order to see some sights.

I'm tired of spending my weekends "adulting." Sometimes I have to, of course, but certainly not always. Certainly adventures and living life are more important than vacuuming my floor yet again or catching up on tv shows.

I've never felt more aligned or at peace with myself than I do now. I'm going to blame nature and all the beautiful things I've seen for helping me breathe deeply and open my eyes for the first time.