February: Goals in Review

Remember way back at the beginning of January when I set my yearly goals? Well, 2012 is already 1/12 over and I've made a little progress. I'll only go over the ones I've actually been working on. Let's take a look, shall we: 


In 2012, I will earn at least $5,000 from freelance work.
This month was a bust. I didn't get only new jobs and got one payment for a job that actually occurred in December. I did have a client interested in my services, but they were on the fence about their previous designer/hosting service and said they'd get back to me. I've yet to hear anything back. Sounds like a no-go.


In 2012, I will utilize and be more transparent on social media sites.
I haven't made any measurable progress with this goal. I've definitely been more active on Twitter. That being said, I haven't really noticed any difference in followers or conversation.

In 2012, I will write, publish, and promote one new blog each week.
I started off great, but then fell off the wagon, meaning I missed a week. I blame the weather, the power outages, and the Internet outages. Also, the fact that I was stuck in my house with three other people for four days straight may have made an impact. Despite this, I fully intend to keep blogging as if this never happened.

In 2012, I will attend a design-related event or meeting.
I haven't made any plans yet. I did sign up for the Seattle StartUpDigest newsletter that sends out weekly emails telling me about upcoming events in the Seattle area. I've found a couple that look intriguing, but haven't made a move on any of them as of yet.


In 2012, I will complete a Daily Project.
So far, Make Some Cool Everyday has been a success. I did miss a day, but I made it up the next day. I really like that this topic is a little more lax than last year's (One Song Lyric a Day), so I've tried doing things I never would have normally tried. I've really enjoyed it thus far.

In 2012, I will Actively seek out new skills.
Now here's a goal I've been really working at! I signed up for Treehouse at the beginning of the year and just decided to start at the very beginning of web design, just for the hell of it. It's been a great recap so far, and learning by video is a new concept for me. I also signed up for Code Year and I've been following along with the Javascript lessons each week. They're gone really well so far, and I even convinced my brother to join in.


I haven't done a single travel-related thing this month. This month, though, I'll get going on the Emerald City Comicon one, for sure.


In 2012, I will plan out my meals a week at a time.
I've done pretty well at this so far. We put a calendar magnet on the fridge. It has a space for each day of the week; in each spot we write in what lunch and dinner will be. Lunch leftovers have never been better!

In 2012, I will visit the Puyallup Farmers Market or Tacoma Boys on a regular basis.
As the Farmers Market isn't open yet this year, I've been going to Tacoma Boys at least once each week. They've had great fruit and veggies every week. My favorites this month: avocados and kale. Yum!


In 2012, I will read at least 90 fiction books.
I'm off to a rather slow start. I've been reading George R.R. Martin's A Storm of Swords since the first of the month. It's wonderfully good, but so long and so time consuming. I'm almost done with it, though, so it'll only be a matter of a few days until I get to all the review books sitting in a stack on my desk, just waiting for me to read them.

In 2012, I will put at least $2,500 in my savings account.
I've been great at saving so far! I've cut my expenses way, way down and I'm super proud of myself for doing so. Now I just have to keep building it up.