Encouragement, Support, and Positivity

I've long been a believer in being positive and encouraging to those in my life. It's one of those little things that I truly think can make a huge difference in one's outlook... and my outlook, as well.

My day job consists of project management for about 99% of the day. I delegate tasks to my artists, then wait for them to return the projects so I can pass them on to the correct customer. It's a lot of project juggling and then waiting.

The other day, one of my artists cranked a project out way faster than expected. I told him, "You're a rock star. Thank you so much for knocking out that project so quickly. I appreciate you."

His response?

"You don't have to be so sarcastic."

I was shocked. I didn't mean that sarcastically in the least. I 100% meant every word that came out of my mouth. How could he possibly think I was being sarcastic?

I cleared it up with him quickly and his mood turned around completely. Once he realized that I really meant that encouragement and appreciation, he perked right up. I could tell he loved hearing those words. From then on, he was always quick about projects and I could tell that he genuinely appreciated my words of encouragement and gratitude.

I'm a huge believer in encouraging those around me. I believe it's a small way of injecting positivity into the day and it often makes the biggest impact. People just want to know that they're making a difference, that they're appreciated, that someone is noticing their efforts.

And the best part? It only takes a few words.

I tell my partner, "You're amazing. Thank you for helping me. I appreciate you."

I tell my coworkers, "You're a rock star. Thank you so much for knocking out that project quickly. I appreciate you."

I tell my friends, "You are seriously awesome. I love when we get together. I appreciate you."

I tell my family, "I'm so proud of you. You're kicking ass and taking names. I appreciate you."

It's amazing how much people around you blossom when you offer them a small bit of encouragement.

It's empowering. It makes them feel needed, wanted, and appreciated.

You're awesome.
You're absolutely amazing.
You're amazeballs.
I'm lucky to have you.
I appreciate you.
The helped me more than you realize.
Thank you.
You're a rock star.
You're so talented.
You did amazing.
I love watching you work.
Your work is beautiful.
You kick ass.
I'm proud of you.
You did that so much better than I could have.
I'd be lost without you.

Any one of these phrases works for just about anyone in your life. Your spouse, partner, or significant other. Your child or step-child. Your mom and dad. Your siblings. Your friends. Your coworkers. Your boss or supervisor.

So spread a little bit of encouragement and watch the magic happen.