Consumption Hack: Hide Those Salesy Emails

I get a lot of emails every day.

Since starting the Creative Consumption experiment, I started noticing, that SO many of them were actually salesy emails from restaurants and clothing stores and Etsy and tons of other websites that I might use occasionally, but not often enough to see them in my inbox every day. Not only did it clog up my inbox, but it also made me want to buy MORE that I don't actually need.

My initial instinct was to unsubscribe from everything.

That was great... except sometimes I DID want those emails. I wanted coupon codes and sales notifications... on my own terms.

So I did a little brainstorming and came up with an alternative that has worked SO well. It feels so good to finally get all those junky salesy emails out of my inbox.

That's the key right there: "out of my INBOX."

I realized that instead of unsubscribing or deleting them, I could simply MOVE them to a different location.

And so I set up some filters.

Now, all my salesy emails are sent directly to a "Sales and Coupons" folder, completely skipping the inbox all together. They're also Marked as Read so I never even know they're there.

So now, if I know I want to buy some new pants, I check the folder to see who's having sales. If we're going out to eat, I check to see if I have any good coupons. If I need to buy just about anything, I check there first.

And other than that, I never see them.

Not only is this saving my sanity, but it's also saving us money at the same time.

So. Freaking. Awesome.