Conscious Consumption: September Consumption Report

Another month down! The last couple months have flown by and things have been good on the consumption front. I've done a lot of podcast listening and we also picked up on our tv watching, not necessarily on purpose.  

Here's what I watched and listened to this month.



Sex & relationships - 69
Business & creativity - 16
Finance - 5
Health & nutrition - 8
Personal Development - 13
Random & misc. - 8



This month was a little different than previous months. I was super determined to binge listen to ALL of Marriage is Funny in order to catch up before the new season comes out in early October. So easily, the majority of the podcasts I listened to were from this show. This skewed my numbers and topics a bit for sure. BUT I loved listening to all of it in a short amount of time because I felt like I was really building a relationship with the hosts, Jessie and Gerard. Despite how much I loved this show, I was also really relieved to finish it up and move on to other shows that I'd been missing. More on this show below.

I also found myself breaking up with one podcast this month (read: unsubscribing). It'll remain nameless because it's not BAD, but it had become frustrating to me. I didn't resonate with the host, no matter how much I loved the subject matter. The host also rarely backed up supposed facts with actual sources. Several times during the episode, I'd question things, then head to the show notes hoping to find some sources... but nothing. And so... I unsubscribed and I'm not going to listen any longer. As a society, we’ve created this expectation that we finish reading every book, we finish watching every movie, and we finish listening to every podcast. But that’s NOT TRUE. I don’t want to waste my time pushing through movies and podcasts and books that just don’t interest me. I have better things to learn elsewhere.


Stand Out Podcasts this Month:  

Being Boss / 10 Minutes to Being Boss (6 episodes)

  • #120 - Nurture Your Land (and Yourself) with Mary Reynolds. This was such a lovely episode. I could've listened to her beautiful accent all day. I love the things she talked about and can't wait to read her book. I'll save this one to relisten to next spring to inspire me to do some gardening. 

The Perfect Wife (5 episodes)

  • 6.0 | Monica Swanson, The Hard-Working Wife. I loved this episode! This woman is more of the family-oriented, home-schooling kind of wife, quite different from most of her previous guests, but there was so much to learn from this one.

  • 7.0 | Krizia Liquid, The Kuma Wife. A lot of focus on parenting while in a relationship, moving all over the place during your marriage, and making friends as an adult in new places.

Marriage is Funny (56 episodes)

This month was ALL about the Marriage is Funny podcast. My original motivation for binging was that I wanted to finish up all the episodes before the new season started… and then I realized how much I absolutely loved it and I simply wanted to catch up. Their conversations are just so real and relatable. I felt like I learned a ton about relationships, communication, and growing together. I found myself actually using techniques that I'd learned in various episodes, particularly revolving around communication. 

Most quotable lines:

  • "I am not a victim of my busy-ness" - Michelle Dlux

  • "The measurement of a successful marriage is not the fact that we built a business, that we became famous, or that we look good as a couple. The measurement of our success  is how well we are able to love each other." - Kelly Dlux

Best episodes of the month:

Hurry Slowly (1 episode)

The Chasing Joy Podcast (3 episodes)

Wandering Aimfully: The Show (3 episodes)

Recovering Workaholics (1 episode)

The Kate & Mike Show (1 episode)

Action Army (1 episode)

  • AA045: Emotional Rollercoasters. This was such an important episode to listen to, as we're currently experiencing this tough selling phenomenon that's a giant emotional rollercoaster. Totally relevant, great to listen to.

Pivot Podcast (1 episode)


Other shows I listened to:  


TV & Movies



  • Finished The Year of Less (affiliate link). Definitely kept my attention more in the beginning. All in all, though, it made me love Cait Flanders a little bit more. I'm absolutely in love with the idea of experiments in my life and I hope to do more of the same in the future.

  • Started reading You Are a Badass at Making Money (affiliate link). Made it through the intro. Excited to jump into this one.'

  • Started reading Come as You Are (affiliate link) because it was Nicole Antoinette's Patreon-only book club pick of the month. Very interesting and informative. I like knowing the science behind things.


I spent most of September playing Harry Potter, Tinker Island, and Trade Island. I go through phases where I play them a lot, then drop way way down, then circle back around.



Very little music listening this month. Maybe a total of 5 to 6 days. Most notably was toward the end of the month when it started to feel like fall that I pulled up my Fall playlist on Spotify and soaked it all in. It’s the best soundtrack for those foggy, cool, damp, and quiet autumn mornings.