Conscious Consumption: October Consumption Report

Yet another month has flown by! It was by far my busiest month yet with a promotion followed by some travel for work, family and social obligations, tons of work on Station707, and more. There are definitely some interesting tidbits below so let’s jump in!



 Sex & relationships - 12
Business & creativity - 22
Finance - 16
Health & nutrition - 3
Personal development - 18
Random & misc. - 7



The first thing I noticed was that I listened to WAY fewer podcasts than I had in previous months. I’ll chalk this up to being busy at work (my prime time to listen to podcasts) and taking a handful of days off.

As I'm starting to find more new podcasts that interest me, I've found myself insisting on listing to episodes that bore me. This happened to me recently where I was doing my best to listen to all of a newer podcast. I liked the hosts and the topic, so I was sure that I was going to love it. This particular episode was over 2 hours long and about a quarter of the way through it, I realized that I wasn't listening. Nothing they were talking about was resonating. It just didn't land with me the way it should. I considered skipping the rest of the episode, but told myself I'd miss out on something and that I had to finish it. About five minutes later I realized what I'd done. I realized I'd let FOMO get the best of me. In reality, I had absolutely no reason to keep listening to the episode. Even some of my favorite shows have at least a handful of episodes that I don't care about and that I don't want to listen to. And that's totally okay. So I skipped the rest of the episode and listened to one that interested me instead. Much better.

I ended up unsubscribing from that particular podcast entirely because the same thing happened with each episode. I just didn’t care for them, even the episodes about money and relationships, which are two of my favorite topics. I may revisit them sometime in the future to see if the show has gotten any better, but I’m not putting any pressure on myself to listen to their podcast.


Stand Out Podcasts this Month:

 Wandering Aimfully (5 episodes)

The Kate & Mike Show (4 episodes)

Real Talk Radio (4 episodes)

  • Tiffany Han on Truth-Telling, Sobriety, and Actively Changing Your Own Life. This episode was everything I needed to hear today. I respect both of these women SO MUCH and I loved every single word.

  • Bonus episode with Gent (Patreon exclusive). I literally stopped what I was listening to previously and downloaded this immediately. So. Good. For those of you that don’t follow Nicole, she recently hiked (almost) the entire PCT with a handful of friends she met on-trail. Gent is one of these friends. Their story is a wild ride that you can read more about over on Nicole’s IG. This episode was such a testament to community. Can't wait for more sneak peeks into The Royal Family.

Committed (4 episodes)

  • Jerry. This episode was one of my favorites from this show. Definitely different, definitely more heartbreaking than their usual style of episode. But it was interesting and one line at the end really struck me. I don't remember what it was exactly, but the gist of it was that the person you marry should be the one you absolutely would want to go through all the hard things with.

Being Boss (3 episodes)

  • #194 - Money Planning with Farnoosh Torabi. Great conversation about money mindset and how to shift your thinking for more abundance. This is something I've really been working on lately and this episode totally resonated with me.

Raise Your Hand Say Yes with Tiffany Han (2 episodes)

  • Ep 71: Resolutions Series: Amy Robles on Money. I LOVE the concept of Tiffany's Money Love Day. She blocks out 1 entire day a month where she sits down, looks at her money, makes plans and goals and such, takes herself out to lunch, and basically makes love to her money.

Highest Self Podcast (1 episode)


Other shows I listened to:


TV & Movies

With fall TV finally going, we definitely started watching TV more. Notably, we watched the entire first season of The Good Cop and it was surprisingly… good. We both enjoyed it for sure. Doctor Who started up again and it’s the best season they’ve had in several years. I’m really excited about where it’s going.

Movie-wise, I actually watched quite a few. I’m not a bit movie watcher, but we did have some lazy days at home where we just had movies on all day. I finally saw Hotel Transylvania 2, Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I still haven’t seen Part 2, but it’s on my list to watch soon.



I slowed down a bit on the reading front this month. My only thought on this is that maybe the fact that it’s dark so early means I’m going to bed earlier? Because I definitely am, leaving less reading time. Bedtime has always been prime reading time for me, but lately, it’s just not interesting me.

I read a bit more of Come as You Are (aff. link). It’s a great book, very interesting and scientific, but I found myself losing interest rapidly. I finally ended up putting it down, only partially done.

I went back to reading You Are a Badass at Making Money (aff. link) by Jen Sincero and I’m loving it.