Conscious Consumption: November Consumption Report

November was a busy month for me. It included training for a new job, which took up a lot of my podcast time. It also ended with some nice long weekends, which were wonderful. Despite all that, I got to read and listen to some really great things.

I also decided to make a big blog change this month - I’m no longer putting links to every stinking podcast I listen to, movie I watch, etc. It takes way too much time for me and the results aren’t enough to make me keep going. The way I figure it, if my readers are really that interested, they’ll do a quick Google search and find it quickly!


Sex & relationships - 7
Business & creativity - 22
Finance - 5
Health & nutrition - 5
Personal Development - 9
Random & misc. - 13
* Bonus: Holiday-related episodes - 5


My podcast consumption went waaaay down again this month! Either I'm listening to longer podcasts (which is definitely possible--I'm looking at you, Nicole Antoinette!) or I really have just slowed way down. Another possibility is that I've taken quite a bit of time off this month (and it'll be the same situation next month!) that results in way less podcast listening at work.

Stand Out Podcasts this Month:

Being Boss (5 episodes)

  • #195 - Branding for Business. Great episode that really explains branding in a way I've never heard before. Saved for future listens.

  • #197 - Modern Mystic Kelley Knight. I was a bit skeptical about this one, but I really loved Kelley's story. She had some great things to say about manifesting (Everyone is good at manifesting!) and the Law of Attraction.

  • #204 - Your Brightest Life with Caroline Kelso Zook. This is the podcast I didn't even know I was waiting for.

The Kate & Mike Show (2 episodes)

  • Episode 75: Terri Cole: Your Love Questions Answered! I really liked this episode. Terri had some great tidbits. Her thoughts on our responsibility to say no was so refreshing.

Marriage is Funny (4 episodes)

  • Rule 077 | Things Fall Apart When Priorities Get Out of Place. Such a real, difficult conversation that is all too familiar. Cody and I have similar struggles at times and it's reassuring to know we're not the only ones.

Wandering Aimfully (5 episodes)

  • A Conversation Over Tequila & Wine (WAIM After Dark #1). Probably the funniest podcast conversation I've heard yet.

The Lively Show (2 episodes)

  • TlS #296: Detroit Update: My New Partner, New Community Projects, & New Home. I haven't gushed about Jess's show in a while, but this episode was SO SWEET. You could tell she's just so happy and I loved hearing about the way the universe has brought her and Chris together. So cute!

Health Fuels Hustle (1 episode)

  • Episode 13 - Supplements for Winter Immune Health. I always forget how much I love this show. Amy explains things so well and I feel like I learn so much more than if I started Googling the topic. I need to listen to more episodes in the future.

Stay Married Podcast (2 episodes)

  • S4 Ep9 | Managing Money as a Team. I loved this conversation! Very relevant to recent conversations I've been having with my partner.

Don't Keep Your Day Job (1 episode)

  • How to be a Badass with Jen Sincero. Every interview with Jen Sincero that I listen to is just SO GOOD. She's confident, motivating, and so so funny. I need more Jen in my life.

Other shows I listened to:

  • Committed (5 episodes)

  • Making a Business (3 episodes)

  • Raise Your Hand. Say Yes with Tiffany Han (3 episodes)

  • The Purpose Show (2 episodes)

  • Hurry Slowly (2 episodes)

  • You Kick-Ass Life Podcast (2 episodes)

  • Action Army (2 episodes)

  • The Goal Digger Podcast (2 episodes)

  • 10 Minutes to Being Boss (1 episode)

  • Profit Boss (1 episode)

  • Office Talk with Annette Stepanian (1 episode)

  • Grace & Grit (1 episode)

  • On Air with Ella (1 episode)

  • Invisible Office Hours (1 episode)

  • Real Talk Radio (1 episode)

  • Optimal Relationships Daily (1 episode)

  • Art of Doing (1 episode)

  • I Do Podcast (1 episode)

  • Optimal Finance Daily (1 episode)

  • The Minimalists (1 episode)

  • Let it Out with Katie Dalebout (1 episode)

  • Forever 35 (1 episode)

  • Wellness Realness (1 episode)

  • Whiskey & Work (1 episode)

  • Afford Anything (1 episode)

  • One Part Podcast (1 episode)

TV & Movies

We did something we rarely do.... we saw a movie in theaters! Bohemian Rhapsody was the one that finally convinced us to make the drive to the nice theater a couple towns over. And it was SO GOOD. I loved the music, the acting, the story. Definitely a movie I'll watch again and again when it finally comes out.

Cody then decided he wanted to go to the theaters AGAIN, this time to see Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald. This prompted me to watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them first. Of course, these two movies inspired me to watch the rest of the Harry Potter movies. I've now binged the entire series, over the course of about two weeks.

Cody also got me stuck on Survivor again (notice a trend of these things being his fault??). It's a bit of drama for us boring people, I suppose. He binged the first 6 episodes, then we binged the first 6 episodes again so I could see them, and since then we've been watching them on-time, while they're finally airing. We literally don't do this with a single other show.

Doctor Who has stayed absolutely phenomenal. The new doctor is just such a fun character to watch and I love many of the things she stands for. The writers definitely gave her a solid personality, maybe more so than the previous doctor. This continues to be a bright spot in television each week.


I actually picked up a Christmas romance novel to read this month! It's good! I'm reading again, just about every night! I'll mention more when I finish it in December.


Best new album of the month goes to Imagine Dragons for sure. Their new album is great from front to back. Cody has had it on repeat constantly since it came out... so it's definitely a good thing that it's so good or else I'd be going crazy!

I finally broke down and started listening to Christmas music a couple days after Thanksgiving. I've compiled two playlists - one of classic (at least to me) Christmas songs that I know and love and one of new Christmas songs that I've never listened to before. I've been making a point to listen to new songs and once I find one I like, I save it on my classic Christmas list. I'm determined to listen to some of my Christmas music this year. Last year, I don't think I listened at all.