Conscious Consumption: July Consumption Report

Month one is DONE!

It's still too early to see any long-term patterns, but it was kind of nice to really be mindful about what I was watching and listening to. It was really difficult to remember to record things on the weekend, though, mostly because I'm less attached to my technology on Saturday and Sunday. I'm constantly losing my phone somewhere in the house or purposely leaving my computer off and locked away in the office until I actually need it.


Podcasts by Topic: 

  • Sex & relationships - 19

  • Business & creativity - 15

  • Finance - 4

  • Health & nutrition - 10

  • Personal Development - 5

  • Random & misc. - 3

  • Straight up Interviews - 9



Stand Outs This Month:

Invisible Office Hours (8 episodes). Binged an entire season in a week. Always a great conversation, no matter the topic. This is one of the shows that I will ALWAYS listen to every episode, even if it's about a topics that I don't care about at all.

The Purpose Show (1 episode). Though we have some religious differences, I'm digging this show. My favorite episode was "Ep. 045: Body Confidence with Jenna Kutcher." It was a fairly short episode where both women really opened up about their body insecurities and how they've overcome so much. In particular, I found Jenna's recounting of feeling judged next to her super fit husband to be inspirational.

Being Boss & 10 Minutes to Being Boss (5 episodes). Still my favorite show. My favorite episode this month was an episode from 10 Minutes to Being Boss simply called "Mantras." I'm such a sucker for mantras. It gave me ideas. I never regret listening to this show.

Committed (9 episodes). Looooove this show! Every interview is fun, well done, and interesting. My favorite episode so far was "I Don't Own Him," which focused on two married porn stars. Crazy interesting!

The Joy Junkie (2 episodes). This show is great! I love Amy & Mr. Smith. My favorite episode this month was "59 Easy Ways to Pay Attention in Your Relationship." What a great variety of different ways to spend time and nourish your relationship.

The Action Army (1 episode). Still hands-down one of my favorite show. I loved episode "AA033: Paying off $124,000 in Debt." Listening to Jason talk about debt is actually super interesting. This was his episode to announce that they were officially debt free. Great suggestions and recommendations.

The Period Party (1 episode). I definitely cherry pick episodes with this show and this month, I enjoyed "How to Meal Plan Like a Badass: A Modern Women's Guide with Sarah Adler." The episode was really great, but I absolutely hate the ads on this show.

#StayMarried Podcast (1 episode). I just started listening to this one, too, and I totally dug the episode with Craig and Rachel Terrill called "Supporting Your Partner's Passions." Loved hearing how Rachel became an NFL wife because that was Craig's passion and then embraced it wholeheartedly.


Other Shows I Listened to:


I read and finished Big Magic. Took most of the month. I'm totally late to the game but it's SO GOOD. I love the way that the concept of ideas has been reframed in my mind. They're living, breathing things that are just looking for a human partner to bring them to life. I'm in love with Elizabeth Gilbert's little stories about her personal life that are woven into the tapestry of her creativity theories.

I also bought and started Get Money by Kristin Wong.

TV & Movies

This month, I only watched a couple partial movies. We were rather busy, so I feel like we didn't do too much tv watching.


I really only listened to music 4 days this month. I tend to listen at work on weekday afternoons and all day Friday at work.

Notably, Spotify created a "Last Summer" podcast with my most listened songs from a year ago. Great throwbacks that I'd forgotten I like.


I played Kodiak for most of the month. Was a definite time waster. Had to be very mindful of playing it too often when I could be doing other things.

Played a grid puzzle game which is fun and really makes me think, but it takes a long time to play each level.

Toward the end of the month, I started playing Zombie Castaways. That didn't last very long.

I spent 1 sick day playing The Sims and not being productive at all.

At the very end of the month, I downloaded Evolution. That one because a bit of an obsession. I actually deleted it after only a few days because I was playing way too much.