Conscious Consumption: August Consumption Report

Month two is of Conscious Consumption done!

This month, it got SO much easier to record my media consumption... except for on the weekends. To be fair, I don't think I really listen / watch / read much on the weekends. I often found myself forgetting until Monday morning, when I'd do my best to recreate whatever I did over the last few days.

The most exciting thing this month was that I finally had two different months that I could compare. Not quite enough to notice patterns yet, but it's a start! I loved being able to compare and contrast July and August to see what was done differently.


Podcasts by Topic:

  • Sex & relationships – 37

  • Business & creativity – 31

  • Finance – 9

  • Health & nutrition – 6

  • Personal Development – 10

  • Random & misc. – 10


I listened to SO many more podcasts this month! There was also a big jump in episodes about sex and relationships. That and business and creativity were definitely my highest this month, by far. I really enjoy being able to take a look at what topics are on my mind the most throughout the month.


My Favorite Show this Month:

Marriage is Funny - 16 episodes I looooove this show. Jessie and Gerard are adorable and I want to be their friend. Their topics cover a wide range, including last names, silence, money, families, body image in marriage, ministry, travel, nagging, and so much more. A couple of my favorites so far have been "Rule 007 | Putting on a Bikini is the Best Way to Cheer Up a Crying Husband" and "Rule 012 | Always Act Impressed When Your Partner Flexes Their Muscles."


My Favorite Episode this Month:

Real Talk Radio - 2 episodes Let's just talk about how amazing Nicole Antoinette is for a minute. Her shows are always great, she makes me question everything (in the best way possible), and I love her guests. I adore her shows so much that I actually signed up for her Patreon this month! This gave me access to her patron-exclusive podcast, Real Talk Reflections With Julia Hanlon. Her August episode was by far my favorite of the entire month. It revolved around Nicole's trip from the Canadian border to the Mexican border along the Pacific Coast Trail... solo (well, sort of). This was fascinating to listen to, especially since I've been paying close attention to Nicole's PCT posts on IG. And this conversation was so insanely real and deep and full of all the feelings. So good. (Real Talk Radio's new season came out in August, as well, and the episode, "Amy E. Smith on Finding Your Voice, People Pleasing, and Better Communication in Romantic Relationships" was so great, too.)


Other Stand Outs this Month:

The Perfect Wife (6 episodes). I discovered this show through Marriage is Funny and I'm having such a good time with these episodes. They're so good and make me want to be a better partner to Cody, even if we aren't actually married. I loved episodes 1.0, 3.0, and 5.0 the best.

The Lively Show (3 episodes). Really enjoyed the episode, "How to Get the Most Out of Your 'Fringe' Hours with Jessica Turner (The Mom Creative)". Their talk really revolved about comparison and allowing yourself to do your own thing. I genuinely enjoyed this episode.

Your Kick Ass Life Podcast (3 episodes). "Episode R7: Interview with Nicole Antoinette" was great. It focused on Nicole's recovery from drinking too much, but not being an actual alcoholic. I absolutely love listening to Nicole speak. She's one of the most insightful humans I've ever listened to.

Committed (6 episodes). Still digging this show. Nora McInerny's 2 episodes, "He Was the Brave One" and "When Lightning Strikes Twice," were so darn good.

She Means Business Podcast with Carrie Green (1 episode). Tried out this show by listening to the episode, "How Michelle Rohr Generates Thousands a Month in Passive Income." I'm not sure about the show itself, but this episode was SO GOOD. THIS is what I want. Mega inspiring. I loved listening to Michelle Rohr talk about how she grew a completely passive income-based business.

Being Boss (13 episodes). So much goodness from Being Boss this month. Started with "Say What You Want," which was all about making a list of things you want and by putting it into the universe and potentially working toward it, you may manifest it. Next was episode #185 - "Spend Less Money and Make More Time with Cait Flanders." I'm a big Cait Flanders fan so I was super excited to see her on one of my favorite podcasts. I loved this episode because Cait really took charge and did most of the talking, rather than Kathleen and Emily. I'm moving her book up my list. The episode titled, "Digital Boundaries" was everything I needed to listen to. My favorite portion was about CONSUMPTION! Totally relevant in my life and in this experiment. I love the idea that they are very critical about what they actually watch or read or listen to, or how much screen time they have each day. Their thought was that they needed to place boundaries around the content they were consuming, like the news or social media. It's about what you want to say yes to in your life. Also interviewed this month was Amber Rae in, "Choose Wonder Over Worry with Amber Rae," which was just a delightful podcast. It was very joyful and thought-provoking. I loved her thoughts about using envy to your advantage. I listened to the final few episodes of the Being Boss spinoff, Making a Business. The last episode, "How the Life-Hustle Affects Your Business" was the best. It focused on seasons and intentions. I literally listened to this episode twice in a row because it just resonated with me. I love the idea of living seasonally, in a really intentional way and this episode just spoke to me. I hope they do some check in episodes, because I really enjoyed this miniseries.

Creative Biz Rebellion (1 episode). "Being Productive with Jenna Murillo of Workspacery" was sooo good. All about organization, productivity, and streamlining your workspace.

Her Rules Radio (1 episode). Previous attempts to listen to this show have been less than great. This time, however, I listed to, "193 Eat to Balance Your Hormones." I was really curious about this topic and lucky for me, this was a great episode with lots of tips for resetting your hormones and gut.

Raise Your Hand Say Yes (1 episode). I loved, loved, LOVED episode "204: Can Values be Sexy? Yes. And Let's Talk about Changing Stories." Great dialogue about why values are important to our work and the stories we tell ourselves and those around us. Really sparked some good conversations for me personally.

The Purpose Show (2 episodes). I really do enjoy this show. This month, I was really inspired by, "How I Simplified Meal Planning + Grocery Shopping." I was nothing revolutionary, but I still thought it was a valuable episode. Inspired me to revamp my meal planning process.

The Recovering Workaholics (2 episodes). New podcast! Literally new! It starts today! I'm a big fan of Kristen Wong, so I was pretty excited for this one. I totally loved episode 2 with Cait Flanders. I'm really all about Cait right now. I'm reading her book, so their references about it really resonated.

Afford Anything (1 episode). The episode, "Don't Feel Guilty - Buy a Coke Zero and Pay Somebody to Mow Your Lawn" was super interesting! I loved the debate about whether saving more or earning more is ultimately more important. I like Paula's shows, but they're 1000x better with J. Money involved.


Other shows I listened to:

TV & Movies

I started watching Making It. It made me so happy and I really enjoyed every minute of the episode. The show is currently only a few episodes away from the finale and I'm totally caught up. We tend to watch in the evenings, on weekend mornings, and during lunch on weekends. We definitely binged it a few times, but more often than not, watched while working on other things.

We also started Orange is the New Black and made it all the way to the final season this month. So. Good. We've both really enjoyed it.

I only watched a couple movies this month, including Deadpool 2, which I stopped watching halfway through and read instead.

I also watched the entire first season of Life Sentence. Mostly just something to have on in the background. It was cancelled after the first season, so I don't have to worry about watching a second season.

Cody and I devoured the entire first season of Disenchantment on Netflix. Loved it! It's like the medieval fantasy version of Futurama and The Simpsons.


This month, I totally rediscovered my love of downloading ebooks from the local library. So fun!

I started Eat Pray Love, but I wasn't into reading it at the time. ended up starting The Year of Less by Cait Flanders toward the end of the month. I've really loved reading about her journey with minimalism. I mostly have the chance to read a half of a chapter around bedtime.


I deleted most of the games on my phone early on in the month, but ended up downloading a few new games shortly thereafter.

I found myself stuck on Harry Potter and Tinker Island for most of the month. The thing I really like is that I can play them for a few minutes, then they need to load on their own, so I go back to doing my own thing.

Toward the end of the month, I downloaded Trade Island, as well, which is the same sort of game.


I actually only listened to music 6 days this month, while working around the house, driving with Cody, or occasionally on a weekday afternoon when I can't fit anymore podcasts into my brain. Most notable was one late August afternoon where I jammed to some music on my way home. Windows down, sunroof open, sunglasses on, music up. Simply the best.