Autumn Check In

Autumn has simply never been my season. It's cold. It's dreary (at least it is in the PNW). Halloween has never interested me. I just never really cared.

This year, though, I was curious about how to increase my mindfulness regarding the changing seasons. In the past, they've always just flown by without too much thought, but for some reason, that just seemed wrong now.

As a kid, I remember my mom decorating the house for each season. There were eggs and bunnies for Easter. There were sunflowers in the summer. There were autumn leaves and spooky witches for fall and Halloween. And of course, we always went all out for Christmas. It was like Santa threw up all over our walls.

But over the years, the decorating dwindled down to nothing. Literally nothing. I remember at least one year without a Christmas tree, without any decorations at all.

I think this is where I lost my passion for the seasons.

So while I might not be all about decorating (I really don't want to go out and buy a ton of decorations if I don't have to!), I still want to rekindle that magic that once happened with the changing of the seasons.

Back in September, I wrote up a list of things I wanted to do for fall. Did I complete everything? No. Did I find other ways to honor fall? I sure did.

My original list:

  1. Dress for the season. Sure enough, I bought my pair of winter boots. They're a lovely pair of Sorel boots that I snagged for a couple reasons. First off, they're on the shorter side so they're perfect for my fat calves. Secondly, they're super cute and will work with just about any pair of pants I own (I'm still figuring out how to pair them with my outfits). I didn't buy any other clothes, though. I'd still like to find a nice vest or a flannel shirt or fleece leggings, but I'll find them when I find them. I did find a nice long, gray sweater that's super cozy. It dresses up and down pretty much effortlessly. I also dug out my puffy blue vest, which adds an extra layer of warmth for the coming winter. I still need to pull out my existing scarves.

  2. Clear out summer and welcome a new season. I did about half of this. I reorganized my closets and found a new place for my summer clothes. They're easily accessible, but put away until I’m ready to taken them out again. When we get closer to next summer, I'll put away the winter clothes and take those summer clothes back out. We also cleaned up the house quite a bit. Camping equipment stayed out most of the fall, but we finally got it put away when we took out the winter decorations... last week. Air vents and air filters haven't been cleaned or changed, but I did manage to get a humidifier in the house to make things a little less dry now that the heat is on.

  3. Bake an apple pie. Take to work. Share with friends. I actually ended up baking my favorite boozy apple pie for our family Thanksgiving last month. Mmmm. More than half ended up coming back home with me (too many pies for too few people!), so the rest came to work. We had coffee and apple pie during our morning break. Seriously the best breakfast ever.

  4. Make a plan for holiday items / sales in my Etsy shop and begin working on the items. While I don't know that I made an actual PLAN, I did make several holiday items. I made five art prints for Halloween and 10 for Christmas. Unfortunately, as of right now, none of them have sold, but that's okay. I also didn't really do any promotions, so it's really my fault. The fact that I finally made them is really the important part!

  5. Make an effort to do some fall-themed activities, or attend some fall-themed events. These plans totally fell through. I didn't end up doing ANYTHING fall-themed, other than go to Thanksgiving dinner at Cody's parents' house. We actually made plans to go to an apple farm, but ended up cancelling in order to save a bit of money and gas and time. We'll try again next year.

  6. Decorate my home for fall. While I didn't have much in the way of decorations, I did do a bit. I nabbed a couple fall-scented candles from Target (orange clove is amaaaazing!), as well as a few decorative pumpkins. Cody found me a cute owl Halloween sculpture, as well. After fall was over, I ended up finding some good discounts on decorations on Target, so I'll have a bit more for next year.

  7. Begin planning for Christmas. I did absolutely no early planning for Christmas. Fail in a big way! I’m sure I’m going to pay for that here soon….

  8. Enjoy the sounds and scents of the season. I did indeed take the dog on a couple walks with Cody. I also discovered that I love stomping on crunchy leaves.

  9. Make some fall-themed things. Make some crafts by hand. Design some art on the computer. I didn't do so well in this category, either. Other than the Halloween Etsy prints, I didn't create any fall-themed art.

  10. Eat more seasonally. This, I managed to do, however maybe not as much as I could have. Favorite fall dishes included white chicken chili, lasagna soup, chicken pot pie, and boozy apply pie.

  11. Be more grateful. I didn't do anything revolving around gratitude, so this was a fail for me, as well.

All in all, I did okay with fall this year. I noticed that I only did the "easy" fall things. I shied away from the items that were "hard" or took a little more effort. Taking the time to make some crafts is definitely harder than throwing up a couple decorations and then sit back down on the couch. Next year, I'd like to approach the season a little differently. I want to pre-choose the fall crafts. I want to continue to curate my Pinterest board with more items like food, outfits, crafts, etc. relating to each season.