All The Things

Why is it that we feel like we have to do all the things? Just one thing isn't enough. Two doesn't work, either. It's all or nothing.

Like marketing. Gotta be blogging. And sending a regular newsletter with exclusive content. And guest blogging. And podcasting. And offering freebies. And getting as many forms of passive income going as possible. And releasing e-courses. And posting on social media.

Oooh, don't even get me started on social media. We've gotta be everywhere. Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Twitter. Snapchat. But is it really better to stretch ourselves so thin? Do we really need to reach EVERY SINGLE PERSON?


Because every single person is not our target audience.

But this phenomenon of needing to do all the things extends faaaaar past our businesses. It creeps into our personal lives at an alarming rate.

We've gotta keep up with the Joneses by preparing gourmet meals with recipes we found on Pinterest, working out until we've got six packs, entertain our equally perfect friends regularly, travel around the world, and have the perfect children while balancing the perfect job.

Who's got time for all of that? And you know what? Maybe I don't want all of that. I don't want to entertain regularly. I don't know if I want children at all. And my version of the perfect job may not be yours. The six pack would be nice, but it ain't happening.

I don't have to do all the things to have a happy life.

But how do I figure out what things make me happy?

I just need to listen to my gut. My intuition.

I don't want to use Twitter and Facebook for business? Great. I won't. My target audience probably isn't there anyway.

I don't want to guest post on anyone else's blog or talk on their podcast? Perfect. It ain't happening.

I hate exercise, but want to move my body? I'll compromise by doing yoga occasionally and hiking whenever possible.

None of these things are wrong. They're perfect for me. And maybe they'll change as time goes on. This is okay. I'll change as time goes on, too. My friends and family will change over time. Perhaps we'll change together and we'll start by slowing down and only doing the things that feel right.