This is Not a Test

Lately, I've been feeling more and more like I don't actually control my own life. I spend it




Waiting for the right career.

Waiting for the right guy to sweep me off my feet.

Waiting for the money to roll in.

Waiting for the happiness to finally find me.

I do all the things I'm "supposed" to do. I do all the things I'm told to do. I do all the things that "everyone else" does.

So why haven't I been feeling great about it?

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I finally realized that I AM in charge of my own life. I get to make my own decisions. I decide to go right or left or up or down or backward or in a circle. It's up to me to make create my own life.

It seems to me that it's all about taking those dreams that I have and making them actual, actionable goals instead of sitting on them and hoping that they magically come to fruition at some point.

So I hope you join me on my journey. I'm going to create my own life, one step at a time, and you can, too.